Our Vision


Our VISION is to establish an accessible space where table tennis activities are affordable, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and values that extend beyond the sport. We aim to promote these principles, allowing them to positively influence other sports and various aspects of life.

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Beginner or Pro
All skill levels are welcome at our club. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, join our inclusive community to learn, improve, and enjoy table tennis. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, participate in matches, and receive coaching.
Fun or Competitive
Whether you seek a social and recreational experience or a formalized competition, we cater to both preferences. Join us for enjoyable casual play or engage in competitive matches based on your personal interests and goals.
We have parking spaces available for added convenience. Your vehicle will be accommodated in our designated parking area. Please try to arrive on time so that the main gate may be closed for safety and security.
We offer high-quality table tennis boards and net assemblies for your use. All you need to bring is your own personal equipment, such as your racket. Enjoy the game with our top-notch facilities and bring your own gear to enhance your playing experience.

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